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The Taskforce is seeking submissions from organisations and individuals working in the digital technology sector. This includes SMEs and startups, larger industry organisations and associations, researchers and other interested individuals or groups. It is seeking submissions on three key areas of ICT procurement: rules, capability and culture.

Your input is valuable. It will help the Taskforce to understand the challenges faced by industry in getting innovative technologies into government. It will also help to inform new ways to improve the Australian Government's ICT procurement processes and outcomes.

You may submit comments to as many questions as you choose. Submissions can be made directly into the online form provided. Alternatively, you can submit a PDF file to respond to part or all of the consultation material.

Please note the formal period for submissions closed as of 31 January. We will continue to monitor this page and welcome any additional submissions or comments you may have.

Questions to prompt your thinking


  • 1. How can the Australian Government make better use of ICT procurement to increase innovation in government services?
    What are the incremental and more transformational changes that could be made?
  • 2. Has there been a time that you tried to provide innovative solutions to the Australian Government and failed?
    Can you provide examples about what happened, why, and what you think the impact was on government.

Snapshot of Procurement

  • 3. In what areas of the Australian Government’s ICT procurement are the biggest opportunities for innovative technologies?
  • 4 What are the key barriers to getting innovative technologies, such as cloud services, into the Australian Government?
  • 5. What are the key barriers for SMEs and startups in the Australian Government's ICT procurement process?


  • 6. Are the Australian Government's procurement rules easily accessible, easy to understand and navigate?
  • 7. How could the Australian Government's procurement rules and processes be improved to make it easier to offer innovative solutions to government?
  • 8. What rules, including any security requirements, limit the Australian Government's use of cloud services?


  • 9. What capabilities does the Australian Government need to be able to take full advantage of digital technologies, now and in the future?
  • 10. In your experience, what are the biggest capability gaps in Australian Government ICT procurement?
    How could the Government better develop or access the capability required?
  • 11. In your experience, has the governance approach used by agencies to manage large ICT projects enabled or inhibited the success of those projects?


  • 12. How does culture influence the Australian Government's approach to ICT procurement?
    What sort of culture and attitudinal change would better support innovative ICT services and get more SME and startups working with the Government?
  • 13. What experience have you had with "partnering" with the Australian Government and what is required to do it better?

Making a submission

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