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The Hon Angus Taylor MP

Message from the Minister

The private sector's use of digital technology has changed Australian's lives-increasing choice through competition and improving speed, productivity and consumer satisfaction of services. By comparison, government services often appear clunky and disconnected. The Australian Government is committed to improving the lives of all Australians through more effective digital services—the opportunity is too great to ignore. For this reason, the Government has established the ICT Procurement Taskforce to work with industry on how to make it cheaper and easier to deliver world leading digital services.

The Hon Angus Taylor MP
Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation


Innovations in digital technology are transforming the way Australians live and work, including – how we buy goods and access services, how we collaborate in the workplace and how we engage socially. As strong adopters of digital technology, Australians expect the benefits of technology and innovation to be available across all areas of their lives including in their engagement with government.

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Snapshot of ICT Procurement

The Australian Government's ICT spend is significant. In 2014-15, total spending was around $5.6 billion on ICT labour costs and procurement, accounting for almost 10 per cent of total agency own-purpose spending. This is made up of about $4.3 billion of operational expenditure and $1.3 billion of capital expenditure. Procurement is the key gateway that governments use to access ICT, and in particular, to bring emerging and innovative technologies into government.

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Outlines the rules and policies that guide the procurement decisions of Australian Government officials.

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Focuses on the capability, knowledge and skills of the public sector and how this may affect ICT procurement.

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Looks at the cultural factors, like attitudes to risk and uncertainty, that may impact on Australian Government ICT procurement.

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The Taskforce is seeking submissions from organisations and individuals working in the digital technology sector. This includes SMEs and startups, larger industry organisations and associations, researchers and other interested individuals or groups.

It is seeking submissions on three key areas of ICT procurement:

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